About Aron Mohit-e Kooshyar Company

Aron Mohit-e Kooshyar Company (former Amcor Co.) is engaged in the production of water and wastewater related equipment. This company produces products with the same quality as foreign ones and at a price much more suitable than foreign counterpart. The main goal of the company is to help domestic producers to produce a high quality-product and at the same time more competitive than similar foreign products.

Water shortage crisis and global warming phenomenon have converted the optimal use of water or even water recycling to an inevitable issue. Using day technologies and employing experienced experts in the field of consulting, and producing nozzles, test kits and related solutions, various types of packings and settling equipment, Aron Mohit-e Kooshyar Company is ready to present its services and manufactured products.

Be Sure to Consult Our Engineering Team before Ordering a Product.

Brief History of Kooshyar Company

Our collection began its activity with the production of Chlorine Kit and PH test in 2001. Soon it could successfully draw the attention of a wide range of customers of public water and wastewater companies and healthcare centers. Following this route, by recruiting experienced engineers, it expanded its activities in the water and wastewater area, the production of different types of water and wastewater filter nozzles was put on the collection agenda, and gradually a wide range of nozzle filters was produced and designed in some specific cases. Following several inquiries for the company’s water and wastewater treatment packings, the research and development of various types of packings led to the arrival of these products into the market. The successful production of spherical packings made specifically for wastewater paved the way for the production of other different types of these packings. These products, which are used to provide the proper bed for reproduction of aerobic bacteria, apparently look like the cooling tower pockings. As the nozzles of cooling tower were among the products produced by the company for a long time, the production of cooling tower pockings opened a new avenue for the company. This resulted in the production of a new and special product called “Splash”. The company also produces sedimentation-related products called “Lamla” which have been successfully sold in neighboring countries and the countries bordering the Persian Gulf.

Brand Identity

Most of the products produced by this company are known under the former brand “Amcor”. Now given the change in the collection management, the former and the new products will come to the market under the name of “Kooshyar”.

Full name: Aron Mohit-e Kooshyar

Abbreviated name: Kooshyar

Kooshyar Company’s honors

Among honors of the complex are the production and sale of a variety of products approved by water and wastewater companies, healthcare centers, petrochemicals and refineries of the country and the company’s presence in the Middle East markets.

 List of some of our customers

  • Arak Oil Refinery
  • Shazand Petrochemical Complex in Arak
  • Abadan Petrochemical Company
  • Abadan Oil Refinery
  • Maron Petrochemical Company
  • Razi Petrochemical Company
  • Mobin Petrochemical Company
  • Shahid Hasheminejad Gas Refinery
  • Sarkhoon and Qeshm Gas Refinery
  • Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery
  • Zagros Petrochemical Company
  • Shiraz Petrochemical Company
  • Shimbar Company
  • Zolal Iran Company
  • Wahang Saran Company
  • AVE Company
  • Jam Company
  • TadarokAB Company
  • Isfahan Steel Company
  • Khoozestan Steel Company
  • Hormozgan Steel Company
  • Dana Pharmaceutical Company
  • Damavand Power Plant
  • Ramin Ahvaz Power Plant
  • Buin Zahra Water and Wastewater Center
  • Zanjan Province Healthcare Center
  • Jarghouyeh Water and Wastewater Company
  • Gamron Industry Company
  • Oroomieh Water and Wastewater Company
  • Absun Palayesh Company
  • Shafab Company
  • Kerman Steel Industries
  • Mazandaran Province Healthcare Center
  • Babolsar Healthcare Network
  • Pars Khodro Automobile Manufacturing Company
  • Qazvin Province Water and Wastewater Company
  • Abyek City Water and Wastewater Company
  • CHLOR PARS Company
  • Rad Niroo Company
  • Shahrekord Water and Wastewater Department
  • Abadan Oil Refinery
  • Iranian Urban and Industrial Water Technology Company
  • West Azerbaijan Water and Wastewater Company
  • Qazvin Rural Water and Wastewater Company
  • Kaveh Industrial City Company
  • Hormozgan Rural Water and Wastewater Company
  • Arvand Petrochemical Company
  • Zanjan Province Healthcare Center
  • Islamic Azad University of Tonekabon
  • Pasargad Steel Company
  • Neyshabur Power Plant
  • Ramin Power Plant
  • Fanavaran Petrochemical Company
  • Khomein Water Supply Company
  • Bisotun Petrochemical Company
  • Pak Zist Farayand Company
  • Isfahan Mesbah Zayandeh Rud Company
  • Mojan Engineering Company
  • Khark Petrochemical Company
  • Bojnurd Healthcare Center
  • Darya Petro Sazeh Company
  • Roshd Sanat Company
  • Seylab Zist Company
  • Aroum Sunkok Company
  • Esfarayen University of Medical Sciences
  • Pakdasht Martyrs Power Plant
  • Kavian Petrochemical Company
  • Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari Water and Wastewater Company
  • East Azarbaijan Healthcare Center
  • Kangavar City Healthcare Center
  • Deputy for Health of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences
  • Sazeh Sazan Road and Building Construction Company
  • Mahabad Petrochemical Company
  • Esfarayen Industrial Complex
  • Fajr Petrochemical Company

In addition, nozzles produced by this company have been used in water treatment plants of neighboring countries such as Iraq, Kurdistan-Iraq, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.

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